The starting pistol has been fired and the race is on…circling back to my previous post where I was happily, and rightly so, explaining why Prodware is in the lead when it comes to future-ready solutions, applications and innovation, I would also like to point out that:

Digital transformation is something of the past!

A ha, got your attention! I knew it. But, in all honestly I’m only half joking. What I mean is that digital transformation has come of age and the acceptance of “going digital” is, for almost all the market players, a no brainer. So what’s new under the sun?

If you’re like me, and have stepped back for a moment to process and take a look back at all the hype surrounding digital transformation; or the digital revolution; or the digital leap…frankly it was a digital pandemonium. A tidal wave of massive information, webinars, symposiums, conferences, white papers, keynote speakers all engaging in the digital mantra to convince the markets that going digital is a one-way option that either saves you or breaks you.

Fine! Got the message.

So now everybody is rushing and running around getting their act together to get their operations digitized, streamline their multiple systems, create or enhance an e-commerce activity, automate industrial and/or service tasks, generate value, inject IoT/artificial intelligence within their processes transforming and taking their business model to the next level.

And that’s a good thing, or maybe the required thing because the technological advances in the last 10 years have been so incredibly powerful and disruptive that they have swept up the whole market ecosystem. 

But my concern is that this massive mutation process was:

·      Fear-based

·      Necessity-based

·      Strategy-based

Which is fine but perhaps lacked some more in-depth appreciation or vision as to what this transformation really triggered and where it is headed.

In other words businesses most probably ran down a check list and ticked off Digital Transformation as “done

With either a quick-fix or a half-baked solution when what needs to be “done” is to remain, hands-on, always keeping up with new technologies making sure that your business model is agile enough to embark on yet another many evolutions.

 Constant change is the “new black”. 

What needs to sink in is that digital transformation is a new starting point and not an endpoint. Understanding this is crucial. Businesses in this digital era need to phase into a new mindset that must factor in the “solution-in-motion” business model. As mentioned earlier on, the technology advances are on turbo-boost and have taken the helm of market growth trends and evolutions.

We are in what some refer to as the “post digital” era or what I like to call as the “never-ending next step” where the digital phenomenon will keep morphing into newer and revolutionary setups. Going digital isn’t simply a question of adding automated features but a constant concern and focus on how to keep up and adapt to the new norm: ongoing change.

Change isn’t a variable but a constant and learning to live with it is a new business skill altogether. It is no wonder that Change Management positions are cropping up here and there…flexibility, agility, adaptability all take on a whole new meaning. Coping and embracing ongoing change is now the new strategic pillar for companies.

Very few partners are well-versed in change management but fortunately there are a few, like Prodware, who have incorporated change as an authentic value of its business-ready empowerment model.

Prodware’s unique end-to-end offering bolstered by its advanced and hands-on R&D component, the Prodware Innovation Center, brings a fresh impetus to a market in need of direction and transformation.

I’d be delighted to discuss further; give me a shout whenever…