Prodware, the leading digital transformation partner for businesses, presents Cemantica, a CX-ready startup providing a unique Customer Experience solution. Cemantica’s CX platform revolutionizes Customer Experience through an innovative approach bringing Customer Experience to a whole new level.

Cemantica, a Prodware Innovation Center start-up

Cemantica is part of the Prodware Innovation Center, one of the gold nugget start-ups that stems from this program. The Prodware Innovation Center, which incubates mature start-ups that leverage disruptive technologies to develop business-applied solutions, is a catalyst that helps these businesses grow and expand their development strategies.

Prodware is proud to be working with Cemantica as the Customer Experience practice is rapidly growing across the globe and is being heightened with the Covid situation,” Arik Center, Corporate Innovation Director at Prodware.

Being truly in tune with your customers and getting to know them inside out, understanding their behavioral patterns to remain abreast of their needs and expectations, is key to maintain a competitive advantage on the market aiming to be the brand your customers love and trust.

What is Customer Journey mapping?

A customer journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to buy a product or a service. In other words, where and how a person interacts with your brand through the different touchpoints of your company from the awareness phase, right up to getting them to purchase, come back and purchase again.
It basically allows you to identify your customers’ pain points, new areas of improvement and growth paths. It is a truly powerful tool. But is that enough?

Let’s say for example that while you were mapping the journey of your customers you came to realize that it takes them 5 extra unnecessary steps to reach your Customer Service Department – Cemantica will help you identify and take immediate action to solve these issues.

“It is like a real-time litmus test that helps you identify where things go well or go wrong at a glance. It then helps you drive remedial action plans to fine tune the interactions of your customers with your brand and enhance the overall customer experience.” Esther Edelstein, Sales & Marketing Director at Cemantica.

Why do we think Cemantica is different?

Most organizations brainstorm on customer journey map using sticky notes and spreadsheets. Cemantica brings Customer Journey Management to a whole new level by providing a Customer Journey Mapping platform that can easily structure customers insights, sharing and disseminating that information across your organization in real time.

Unlike any other Customer Journey Mapping tool on the market today, Cemantica brings a full, fast and all-in-one solution for Customer Experience Management turning static data into actionable insights. Cemantica’s end-to-end platform ensures a comprehensive CX* approach from CX assessment to the action plan with its CX Program Management solution. Whether ideating, identifying stakeholders, assigning tasks, due dates and action items, the stages of the Customer Journey Map are fully qualified. Another significant and unique plus on the CX market is Cemantica’s capacity to integrate VoC datasets (NPS feedback, satisfaction surveys, case studies, all types of customer interactions etc. and even customer data stored in your CRM) into its platform enabling detailed customer behavior analysis.

A proven and reliable Microsoft compatible technology

Cemantica’s robust solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and utilizes its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. You can download Cemantica on the Microsoft AppSource or go directly to the Prodware website to book a demo and a free trial.

Cemantica is the only Customer Experience player on the market today that employs such a powerful CX platform to deliver stellar experience to their customers fostering ultimate brand loyalty. Prodware and Cemantica work hand-in-hand providing CX consulting services (with Cemantica’s and Prodware’s CCXP certified consultants) within Prodware’s international ecosystem.

*CX – Customer Experience